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Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents can be caused due to a collision with an object such as another vehicle, a pedestrian, an animal, a ditch, a utility pole, road debris, etc.


18 wheeler trucks are involved in some of the worst accidents and can have life altering consequences to those involved.


Like 18 wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents can be equally devastating and medical expenses can add up very quickly and fair compensation is due to those involved.


Uninsured or underinsured motorist claim could be available to help you recover damages. Please call or fill in the online confidential consultation form for a free consultation.


Dog bites can cause serious harm for the victim, often a child and can cause permanent injury, scarring and emotional trauma. Dog owners are responsible for injuries caused by their pet.


Insurance bad faith occurs when an insurance company violates its promises to its policyholders or individuals covered under the policy. In New Mexico, your insurance company has a legal duty not to put its interests ahead of yours. If you feel you are the victim of bad faith insurance practices, contact us for an initial consultation.

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Are you suffering from serious injuries caused by someone and their negligence?
Are you frustrated with the insurance companies because they are not giving you your due compensation?
Are you buried in medical debt and feel like you have no way out?
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Angel L. Saenz

Angel L. Saenz is from Los Angeles, California. He earned an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Juris Doctorate from UCLA Law School in 1977. Mr. Saenz, who is bi-lingual, is licensed to practice law in New Mexico and has retired from practicing law in Arizona and California. He has practiced in a wide range of legal areas including criminal defense and domestic relations in Las Cruces, New Mexico since 1979. His practice has been limited to personal injury and wrongful death cases since 1987.

Mr. Saenz greatest achievements are the cases he has won for his clients.
Here are a few:

• Mr. Saenz helped a state trooper who was hit by an 18 wheeler settle for $10.9 Million.

• Mr. Saenz tried a case for a Deming man who was struck by a local electric company truck. The Jury awarded $5.5 Million.

• In another case, Mr. Saenz helped a young man who suffers from traumatic brain injury due to a collision at an intersection in which the young man was hit while on his motorcycle by a driver who failed to yield. - Settlement amount $2.4 Million.


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